What Do I Do?

Below you will find information about my children's Bible story book, my adult devotional book, and me! Scroll to find out more! 😊 

About the Children's Book

Uncommonly Told Children's Bible Stories is for children ages 3-8, although my 2 year old sits through the whole thing happily. Included are stories not often told in children's Bibles, such as stories of Moses, Elijah, Elisha, and some Proverbs.

Inside the images are bright, captivating, and unique! They are designed to help your little ones remember the stories. 

Just a few themes children will learn are God's power, the importance of fellowship/community, and what it truly means to follow Jesus.

My hope for this book is that children will develop a love for the Bible and that the images will help them remember the stories long after they are read =)

Uncommonly Told Children's Bible Stories available now!

About the Devotional Book

This is How I Can is an interactive devotional with 40 study days of various topics. This devotional helps you apply each verse to your life circumstances.

Here is a review from author Brett Nelson of War Songs and When Raindrops Fall,

"This is How I Can” by G.B. Glory is a Christian-based devotional that uses scripture to introduce topics such as getting rid of intrusive thoughts, loving myself and loving others, loss and loneliness, healing, prayer, and many other topics that are relevant to a believer’s life.

With each chapter, the topic of focus is given, followed by a scripture that tackles that topic. The reader is then given the opportunity to freestyle their thoughts on the questions that the author poses, or to simply self-reflect on how the reader can change their thought processes from negative to positive.

I enjoyed reading through this devotional. I had a digital ebook, but for readers who enjoy actively participating in such devotionals, I suggest having a paper copy of the book in which to record your thoughts and progress.

The book is well thought out and is sure to give any reader plenty of food for thought and improvement in their spiritual quest in growing closer to the Lord. This is not a book to rush through, so I suggest readers allocate time to reading the scriptures and the questions, then taking the time needed to contemplate.

For busy readers, the chapters are short, allowing anyone to work at a pace that fits their life.

I highly recommend this book. Five stars.⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

About G. B. Glory

At 18, I served in the United States Air Force. I met my husband while stationed in Nebraska even though we were both from the same hometown in California! After the Air Force, I attended Biola University and took introductory Bible classes. I pray to be able to finish my degree in Theology and Apologetics as soon as my youngest son begins preschool. I have two boys, a five-year-old who loves video games and a two-year-old who loves anything his brother loves. I enjoy watching movies with my husband, lots of sweets, reading to my boys, and collecting Band-Aids, even though I don't believe in using them! The Holy Spirit inspired me to write my first book, This Is How I Can. My friend Annie and I were growing together in our spiritual walk, and we began texting Bible verses and questions to each other. The book came out of those messages. My inspiration for Uncommonly Told Children's Bible Stories was my children. I was reading Bible storybooks to them and realized that a few stories were not mentioned. I felt led to write one myself, including those stories uncommonly told!